Sognate un matrimonio da favola? Desiderate che tutti, quel giorno
vivano una giornata di festa?
Volete lasciare il segno con originalità nel cuore dei vostri invitati? Catering With Love ti offre Location esclusive e una varietà infinita di allestimenti possibili per incontrare il vostro gusto Compila il form di richiesta ti contatteremo al più presto

Entrust your event to those who offers culinary excellence, takes care of your guests
and creates all the conditions to let your love triumphs.

Are you struggling with wedding preparations?

Are you taking in consideration the locations, the catering services and which professionals are involved?

Are you looking for someone to saves your time and energy and offers you the guarantee to make your dream come true?

For you there is Catering with love: the service that simplifies your life, organizes each

details the event you have in mind and manages it operationally in your day,

allowing you to enjoy everything else.

And, if you are thinking about a different occasion, thanks to the experience developed with

weddings, we can support you in other types of events (birthdays, private parties, events

company, etc.).

Contact us and find out what Catering with love can offer you.

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Food, Friends, Passion at the service of the wedding of your dreams.

Do you dream of a fairytale wedding?
Do you have a memorable wedding in mind??
Do you want to let everyone lives a day of celebration that day?
Do you want to leave the mark with originality in the hearts of your guests?

Tell us your idea, what result you want, what must be there so that everything is perfect and what you would like to complete the picture. We will start from the desired effect, from your destination, we will trace the necessary path backwards and we will be at your side at every step.

Because for your wedding day we can offer you everything you need:

  • catering, with local and international culinary excellence to satisfy every palate and every necessity: from the grilled meat on sight to the vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, from sushi to figher food.
  • service with attentive, elegant and always smiling staff with your guests, to make them feel “in the family” as well as “among friends” and make the conviviality triumph
  • exclusive locations, reserved for our customers, both for civil ceremonies and for post-religious ceremony receptions
  • an infinite variety of possible settings to meet your taste
  • trusted professionals like photographers, make-up artists, musicians, deejays, etc., if you don’t already have your trust
  • professional wedding planner to take care of every aspect of the event, if you want this service or if you haven’t already involved one with whom we can work in synergy
  • event manager present throughout the reception, so that each activity is coordinated with the others

It is by offering you all this that we are sure that love can triumph in the most important day of a couple’s life, as well as the feelings that bind families and friends, and that is why we like to call Catering with love “the Cupid of events “. To learn more, contact us.


Catering with love not just for weddings.

From our experience with very complex events such as wedding receptions, the certainty is born of being able to offer the best possible service even for private events, parties of all kinds and company appointments.

It is true, in some cases, the professionals to be involved,, the style, time and energy to be dedicated to the organization change. For us it is always a question of “Food, Friends, Passion”, the same values with which we organize a wedding banquet. In all these cases, these are occasions to strengthen “love” ties: the affection that unites a group of friends on a birthday – whether it is an 18th or a 60th – the union that binds a family into an anniversary or a special occasion, the spirit of belonging to the company that binds employees and management. After all, isn’t it the greatest desire of every entrepreneur that his collaborators fall in love with the dream that gave birth to his business?

To learn more, contact us.

Food, Friends, Passion together.

How could you read Catering with love can take care of everything or just some aspects of your event, this is up to you to choose it. In all cases, what we offer is an integrated, coordinated and original service, in one word: “unique“.

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